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EarthSystemData formed in 2008 with the objective of providing simple web and app interfaces to display the latest and future climatic data and information.  Since its inception the company has converted to a United Kingdom Ltd in 2018 and expanded services into the consultancy sector. ESD is based in Norwich, United Kingdom, a city rich in leading climate-science heritage. 

Values: ESD was founded on the core principal of simplicity reflected in both the design of our applications and our service. We speak in straight-forward terms and communicate in your language. We provide the very latest data understanding of climate science and data but presented in your language.

ESD: //understanding change, changing understanding // 


Dr. Craig Wallace

M.D. & Founder

Craig Wallace is the founder of ESD. He holds a PhD in climate science from the Climatic Research Unit, U.E.A. and has 18+ years experience of climate analysis. He is a specialist in observational and modelled climate data sets. He is also an experienced climate science knowledge transfer specialist.

Dr. Oliver Andrews

Advisor: Oceans

Oliver Andrews has almost a decade's experience in modelling the global marine environment and holds a PhD from the U.E.A. He has expanded his research into the effects of climate change on population health. He is currently employed at the University of Bristol.



Ken Wallace has wealth of business development experience having held numerous senior-level positions in a career of over 40 years in the general insurance sector. Ken has held Chairman and NED positions for start-up and SME enterprises with a track record of successful growth



James is a Senior full-stack mobile app developer (iOS/Android/Flutter) and has 8+ years experience developing B2B & consumer-focused mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and Android. He is the M.D. of Hyper Pixel Creative Ltd.



David is a seasoned Financial Services professional with over 25 years expertise in Banking and Corporate Finance. David is currently based in Boston, USA where he was an Executive Vice President of Citizens Bank.

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