About ESD

Making sense and growing in a changing world.

EarthSystemData was formed, launched, and continues to be run by myself, Dr. Craig Wallace. 

The project began in 2010 with a few lines of code to display monthly updates of some NOAA data I was investigating as part of a post-doctoral research position.

Since then, that initial code gave rise to two mobile apps, and lit the fire to form an independent company. Much of my research work involved applying climate model output to help organisations form climate response strategies. 

I’ve also extensively researched the physical climate system per-se, focussing on atmospheric circulation, land surface processes, and major climate indices such as the global temperature record.

The nebulus of ESD is to offer the best and most robust climate change advice, analysis and data to help all organisations respond to climate change risk. 

In addition to this specialism I am also an expert-level scientific programmer, Unix sys-admin, and experienced front-end web developer, all of which I deploy in ESD’s work.  Some highlights of running ESD over the last few years include:

  • The initial company formation, full time in 2019!
  • Surviving the UK CV-19 lockdown: we received zero assistance as a newly-registered company. 
  • Winning our first contracts for domestic and international companies!
  • Winning a UK Innovation and Research Award in 2023!

About me

D.Phil Climatology, MSc Climate Change, BSc Physical Geography.

Craig Wallace

Founder and Owner



Prior to founding ESD I worked at the world-renowned Climatic Research Unit – one of the pioneering scientific institutes which first analysed the Earth’s climate system. I completed several government-funded research projects, in addition to being awarded a Doctorate from the institution.

Between two stints the Climatic Research Unit, I was a post-doctoral scientist at the National Oceanography Centre in the United Kingdom. Here I was the Knowledge Transfer Manager for the UK’s flagship ‘RAPID’ climate research program investigating the stability of the Gulf Stream system.



I am an expert in the analysis of modelled and observed climate data, and the climate system per se. For my PhD research I ran IPCC-class computer climate models and, over the years, have developed scientific computing skills, including ForTRAN, IDL, Python, MatLab as well as scientific platform scripting. 

With colleagues, my research has created new methodologies to construct climate prediction data sets, suitable for impact studies and undertaken climate model development, principally on land-surface modules.

I’ve authored/co-authored a number of scientific research papers. Some of these have been cited within UN-IPCC reports. I have also been a contributing author to the UK Government’s Climate Impacts Reports. My work within the UK Marine Climate Change Impacts Program received Royal recognition as part of the UK Civil Service Awards, presented to HRH QE2.



Client delivery is always my priority, and a healthy work-life balance contributes to that efficiency. Running a business is extremely rewarding & can be all-consuming, but outside the office I have several passions:

Photography and design is a huge passion – the digital design aspect overlapping with ESD’s work. I shoot photos on a Sony Alpha 6 and love capturing moments and stories. I love reading physics and, if I have the time, trying to learn the principle mathematics.

I am a certified CrossFit Level-1 trainer and train CrossFit / calisthenics to combat the effects of 20-years sat at a desk.  I am a certified Emergency First Aider and my favourite ice cream is mint chocolate chip.

Thanks & Acknowledgements

Several people have contributed to ESD over the years and I would like to thank their contribution which has ensured the company remains healthy and operating. First and foremost to all of our clients and partners – especially those who joined us in our initial projects. Staff members past and present at both CRU and NOC UK have been instrumental in my training and career development, none more so than my doctoral supervisor Professor Tim Osborn. Ashley Whitehair contributed to our web and app front ends between 2020 and 2021. David Clark has advised us on several occasions regarding ESG & TCFD activities. My direct family have provided steadfast support when it mattered the most. In so many ways they are invaluable to me.   

"The Earth is the only world known so far to harbor life. There is nowhere else, at least in the near future, to which our species could migrate. Like it or not, Earth is where we make our stand."
-Carl Sagan