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EarthSystemData is a dedicated climate change consultancy firm based in the United Kingdom. We are specialists in present-day and official UN-IPCC future climate prediction analysis for the private and public sector.  Innovators of leading climate-data driven products and solutions.

We are climate change specialists. 15+ years experience of climate research within university and government-funded research programs, we now apply our skills to advise your organisation on present and future climate risk. Public institutions or private companies, we can transform raw data into actionable information.

Providing tailored analyses and services to industry and institutions in order to obviate climate risk; aiding business continuity, municipal infrastructure, human well-being and natural resources.  

We have a track record of helping national and multi-national clients mitigate their climate risk through analysis and application of the latest UN-IPCC climate projection data.


Over 15 years of climate and earth science data expertise. Data extraction, analysis and interpretation is our soul.


THEMIS is ESD's dedicated TCFD service. We specialise in analysing climate scenario information to help integrate scenario analyses into your TCFD work.


Data, advice and analysis for any region of the globe. Land or marine.


We love creating novel vizualisation solutions for your needs. Web, app and hybrid interactive data viz.


We may be geeks but we excel when communicating. We're focused on you - be it a regular commission or a partnership project.


Provision and analysis of present day and future climate using the latest research-grade data sets available.


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Latest news on company activity, current climate and weather conditions, climate prediction and more. 


In addition to project consultancy services we have a distinct service line to assist organisations cope with accelerating climate and weather volatility.  All our innovations and services are powered by international research-grade climate prediction data and UN-IPCC class climate projections. Our services are post-doctoral-level, fully in-line with published research techniques. Specialism, one-to-one client focus, and value. 

ESDV3 Seasonal Forecaster

Our flagship, award-winning, climate prediction service transforms seasonal-scale climate forecast data into tailor-made, organisational-specific information to help companies make climate planning decisions for the next 3-6 months.

World-leasing, tailor-made climate prediction data to inform your climate risk decision making.


Our Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosure service. We specialise in providing physical climate risk information for outstanding TCFD-compliant returns.  

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"The Earth is the only world known so far to harbor life. There is nowhere else, at least in the near future, to which our species could migrate. Like it or not, Earth is where we make our stand."
-Carl Sagan