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EarthSystemData is a dedicated client-focussed climate change consultancy firm based in the United Kingdom. Specialists in present-day and official UN IPCC future climate data analysis for the private and public sector.  Innovators of leading climate-data driven products and solutions.


We are climate data specialists. From simulations of future climate to data representing the current climate, we have the skills and expertise to analyse and advise. Public institutions or private companies, we transform the raw data into meaningful information.

From over 15 years of climate research our passion is translating the latest complex climate data into actionable information to aid your protection of business, infrastructure, human well-being and natural resources. We provide tailored analyses and services to industry and institutions so they can tackle, and prepare against, climate change risk.  

We have a track record of helping national and multi-national clients apply the very latest UN IPCC climate projection data to answer their project needs and decision-making processes.

We use only the most scientifically-robust data for our services. UN IPCC climate model projections for future climate conditions are our speciality together with research-grade, de-fact data sets of present-day and historical climate. Your work with us will use the most cutting edge and credible 

Data experts

Over 15 years of climate and earth science data expertise. Data extraction, analysis and interpretation is our soul.


THEMIS is ESD's dedicated TCFD service. We specialise in analysing climate scenario information to help integrate scenario analyses into your TCFD work.

Global reach

Data, advice and analysis for any region of the globe. Land or marine.

Innovative viz.

We love creating novel vizualisation solutions for your needs. Web, app and hybrid interactive data viz.


We may be geeks but we excel when communicating. We're focused on you - be it a regular commission or a partnership project.

Present & Future

Provision and analysis of present day and future climate using the latest research-grade data sets available.


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Our Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosure service. We specialise in providing physical climate risk information for outstanding TCFD-compliant returns.  

Seasonal Forecaster: Hydro-met

Our water-sector flagship service. We transform long-range weather forecasts into hydro-meteorological information at the catchment scale to help water companies make resource planning decisions.

The ESD Seasonal Forecaster

Our latest consumer iOS and Android app for the general public! It provides access to three-month long-range weather data from the world’s leading four numerical weather prediction systems. First of a kind.

Our clients

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Research Project Services

We also innovate data visualisation solutions to help research projects communicate climate research findings to users. This is a subject close to ESD’s heart having worked in climate science research for a number of years both as research and knowledge transfer scientists on collaborative E.U. and U.K. projects.

We can create stand-a-lone solutions of as part of ‘ESD Research’ – a free-to-access app we maintain to host climate research output. Our latest work here ported United Nations IPCC climate projections used to inform COP26 into the app for outreach in partnership with the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research. 

Given our climate science research background, to post-doc level, and experience on multiple university research projects we can also discuss assisting projects with short-term researcher staffing, for climate and Earth system data analysis and modelling.    

"The Earth is the only world known so far to harbor life. There is nowhere else, at least in the near future, to which our species could migrate. Like it or not, Earth is where we make our stand."
-Carl Sagan

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