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Welcome. We are a small client-focussed climate change consultancy firm based in the United Kingdom. We provide global-reach climate data analysis for business, industry and Government research. Learn about our services & products here.  

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ESD’s Consultancy Service provides leading climate change expertise, data analysis and advice tailored to business and industry sectors. We’re specialists in climate science and data but whether your interest is engineering, natural resources, finance or risk, we know how to convert findings and data into your language. We advise and analyse present-day and future climate data for major sectors including traditional and emergent markets:

We use only the latest, most scientifically-robust data sets. De-facto world-leading observed data sets for our global assessment of present-day climate and UN IPCC accredited climate model projections for future climate conditions. We have delivered global-reach projects for major international firms since 2017
Fast project turnaround, dedicated client-focussed service. Let’s talk.

Data experts

Over 20 years of climate and earth science data expertise. Data extraction, formatting and interpretation is our soul. Multi-language coding. Our own scientific servers.​

Global reach

Data, advice and analysis for any region of the globe. Land or marine.

Present & Future

Provision and analysis of present day and future climate using the latest research-grade data sets available.

Innovative viz.

We love creating novel vizualisation solutions for your needs. Web, app and hybrid interactive data viz.


We may be geeks but we excel when communicating. We're focused on you - be it a regular commission or a partnership project.

Value added

We're passionate about transforming raw data into meaningful output that adds value and solves problems.

Research Project Services

We also innovate data visualisation solutions to help research projects communicate climate research findings to users.

ESD_Research is our free-to-access app,  already hosting project output and ready to host yours. We can style and format your data to ensure maximum communication with stakeholders. 


Our consumer global climate monitor service! Monitor the latest global climate anomalies updated every 48 hours using latest NOAA analyses: where on the planet is warmer / colder / wetter or dire than normal and by how much?

Explore future climate data from the world’s leading numerical climate research models and investigate global temperature and rainfall changes for the forthcoming decades.

Seasonal Projections

Seasonal forecast data updated 13th-14th every calendar month using European world-leading forecast systems: DWD; ECMWF; UKMO; METEO_FRANCE. Access bespoke regional data compiled for your organisation’s precise exposure. Daily and monthly data provided. Forecast length three months.

Blog & News

Latest blog postings and news from the team! Climate in the news and EarthSystemData in depth blog posts.
"The Earth is the only world known so far to harbor life. There is nowhere else, at least in the near future, to which our species could migrate. Like it or not, Earth is where we make our stand."
-Carl Sagan

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