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EC-Earth3 Annual T °C


Shown above is the simulated EC-Earth3 mean annual temperature for the 1981-2010 period. This period is referred to as the ‘present-day’ by climate researchers. The model has been set up with actual historically-observed amounts of greenhouse gases and other atmospheric pollutants. 


EC-Earth3 Annual T change °C


These are simulated average annual temperature changes by the end of the current century (for the 30-year period 2071-2100) in a scenario where the UNFCC Paris Agreement is agreed to – and greenhouse gas emissions result in a global-mean temperature of less than 2°C.

Statistics for: London

What is the annual average temperature as simulated by EC-Earth3 in the gridcell? Here we can compare the 'present-day' temperature (i.e. 1981-2010 average) with the simulated temperature change 150 years after aggressive global warming. You can the search bar at the top to change location. Enter any international city or town recognised by Google Maps.

Annual average for 1981-2010: °C

Change by 2071-2100: °C

New annual temperature by 2071-2100: °C


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