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Global Warming – ‘It’s the Sun’. 4 problems.

It is an easy and logical assertion to make: the main energy engine of the Earth’s climate system is the Sun. Therefore the most likely candidate for global warming is variation in the Sun’s energy. After all, the Sun has distinct cycles in solar output and is known to have affected historical climate. Problem solved […]

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Antarctica. Growing or shrinking?

There is a pretty firey debate about changes over Antarctica. Is the ice sheet gaining mass or, as climate projections predict might happen in a warmer world, losing mass? The debate is an excellent demonstration of scientific dilligence and progress: Two satellite sensors which monitor ice amounts at the South Pole disagree – which makes […]

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You live in a fluid!

An overhaul of your way of thinking about weather and climate can be found by realising that day-to-day life is undertaken in a fluid. An easy misconception is that only liquid water is a fluid and that air, being a gas of course, is not a fluid – but a gas. Let’s take a closer look.

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A calm look at Gulf Stream ‘shutdowns’.

This blog topic had to come sooner or later and it can be the bane of many climate and ocean scientists – simply for the way it gets reported by the popular media! Let’s get into it and set the record straight: The Gulf Stream and Climate. 

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January Lows?

Welcome to the New Year – and possibly a new you! The physics of the planet, however, are pretty much like any other winter, and this New Year has seen things kick off in a bumpy manner for much of the planet, and record cold and warmth (did you forget there was a summer happening […]

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