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Present Day

Model average rainfall mm/month


Shown above is the simulated average annual rainfall per month for the 1981-2010 period using all available Crescendo models. This period is referred to as the ‘present-day’ by climate researchers. The model has been set up with actual historically-observed amounts of greenhouse gases and other atmospheric pollutants. 


Model average rainfall change mm/month


These are simulated average changes in rainfall (mm per month) by the end of the current century (for the 30-year period 2071-2100) in a scenario where the UNFCC Paris Agreement is agreed to – and greenhouse gas emissions result in a global-mean temperature of less than 2°C.

Statistics for: London

Annual rainfall values for now and the future, simulated by the model, for are shown below.

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Annual average 1981-2010:     mm/month

Change by 2071-2100:     mm/month

Annual rainfall by 2071-2100:     mm/month


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Future globe


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