ESD Research Output Services

We can help your research project visualise and disseminate findings to your stakeholders.

We design, deliver and host visualisation/outreach solutions for your research output.

We are specialists in climate and Earth system data and passionate about helping researchers gain maximum impact from their results.

We  can help you bridge the gap between research output and user impact by innovating app and web-based tools to disseminate results to policy, industry and the general public.

Web & App Solutions

Our new, dedicated Android and Apple ESD Research app is launching imminently and can be configured to include your project’s output! 

Multiple sections for different experiments, models, scenarios and variables. The app is free and can be circulated to your stakeholders as a vehicle for research output.

For more complex data delivery web-based services can also be delivered with your full partnership.

Talk to us now about collaborating on your impact plan.  

Launching very soon:

Knowledge transfer for your project

We can create novel visualisations and informatic tools for:

Research blog & news:


ESD Research App Launches: A free app to explore climate research output

ESD are excited to launch ESD_Research — a free Apple and Android app helping world-leading research projects disseminate and visualise their research output. Launched today, the app contains it’s first data set — made possible via support and collaboration with the UK’s Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research. The data

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We’d love to speak about your plans and how we can help your project. Whether an existing project or one at the proposal stage we have creative ideas and a track record of working successfully with research partners. Let’s talk: info{at}

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